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Do you want to be washed out of Taizhou plastic products business how to get cards?

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For some people, Taizhou's popularity is not high in Hangzhou, Ningbo and other cities, but they may not know that the plastic products used in the family, perhaps half of them come from Taizhou - this is called "the kingdom of plastic products and mold Town "place. Today, Taizhou's plastics industry has also moved to the world, as one of the world's major plastic processing base and one of the world's major manufacturing base for mold manufacturing.

For plastic products enterprises, raw material costs in all costs occupy a key seat. Reporters learned that in July this year, the plastic raw material market once again launched a wave of ferocious rally. Many companies believe that this time raw material prices will be the industry "reshuffle" the beginning. So, Taizhou plastic products business how to play, can not be "washed" out?


Do you want to be washed out of Taizhou plastic products business how to get cards?

Plastic raw materials "gold nine" strong gains

Polypropylene is a major raw material of plastic products, in August this year, its price is rising step by step, and in September, it is showing a "Buyiburao" momentum, the industry said it "up to doubt life". According to statistics, the price per ton of polypropylene from 7900 yuan in early July rose to 9500 yuan, the cumulative increase of 1,600 yuan per ton, the rate over the same period last year more than 30%.

"After the end of last year's price increases, the first half of this year, plastic raw materials experienced a long time the callback, and now the market can be seen as bottoming out .This wave just to catch the gold nine silver ten production season, many factories waiting for raw materials under the pot , So the impact is relatively large. "Taizhou plastic chemical market sales of raw materials, Mr. Cheng told reporters that this time more types of plastic raw materials involved more influential enterprises are also very wide," not just life plastic products, some industrial Of the plastic products business has been complaining for the sky.

Plastic raw materials tight, into the seller's market

According to a lot of plastic raw material suppliers to reflect the recent, plastic raw material prices rose at the same time, the supply is also a lot of shortage.

"Recently, plastic raw materials into the seller's market, traders and manufacturers are living more moisture, not only the price pulled up, and not necessarily in stock." Cheng said that in the city's raw materials market, there is always a "chase Up "mentality. This time raw material rose signs just came out, the parties finished the company to increase the procurement of raw materials, "large enterprises to increase the stockpile to increase inventory, small businesses to take high - frequency procurement, so tight supply.

However, the raw materials into the seller's market situation for many finished products, the abacus is not how to play.

"I am doing trash and other living plastic products business, 80% of the product is made of plastic raw materials. Plastic raw materials prices are now up 30%, the company is under great pressure to bear the pressure." Luqiao Fengjiang special solid plastic limited The company's relevant person in charge of Tao said that the order in August than in May and June more, but the profits but declined, "even more worrying is that the raw material market is now the final say, if not cash getting goods, traders usually Will be a lot of rhetoric, wait a few days, this raw material prices went up.

Up or not up, small and medium enterprises dilemma

Many industry insiders said, by reason, raw materials rose, businessmen follow the trend is the easiest way to digest the cost. However, the actual situation is not the case.

"Overall, small and medium enterprises do not have the advantages of research and development, technology, technology and other advantages, whether it is large enterprises and competition, or compete with each other, more or who compete with the production costs lower." Interview, Most plastic companies and distributors said that if you easily follow the trend of price increases, means to take the initiative to give up the price advantage; if you insist on not price increases, will have to face the market but lost the embarrassing situation of profits.

Reporters learned that small and medium enterprises can not easily prices another deep reason is that many small and medium enterprises need to financial institutions or private financing to solve the problem of lack of liquidity. In this case, all kinds of raw material prices rose sharply, will take more cash flow of small and medium enterprises. And enterprises once the price increases, but also because of product sales difficulties caused by the increase in capital return cycle, and then affect the original relatively stable capital chain.

According to the Taizhou Plastics Industry Association staff said that large enterprises have small and medium enterprises can not match the flow of funds, digest the price of raw materials prices much stronger than small and medium enterprises. Rely on low-cost in exchange for the survival of small and medium enterprises even if the price increases, but also did not transfer all the raw materials to the cost of the product.

How can we not be "washed" out

Taizhou enterprises how to face the tide of price increases? Reporters visited and found that many enterprises in Taizhou use of technological innovation, management upgrades and other measures, on the one hand to improve product added value, on the one hand strictly control costs.

"In the past raw material prices, we are relatively reasonable approach to small and medium enterprises, small, multi-batch to enhance product prices, test the water market reaction. At the same time, the use of reduced profits to offset the remaining production costs. , And now our business not only to consider the cost of the product, but also to consider the process and other issues. "Tao said," such as PC (polycarbonate) is more expensive, we can use other cheaper materials to improve the same performance, to customers Cost pressure. "

Taizhou Wei Xing tube related person in charge Zhang Weixing told reporters that the current round of plastic raw materials on the impact of the enterprise is difficult to estimate, and some raw material prices even rose more than 50%, "this time low-cost competitive market has been useless, low "Zhang Weixing told reporters that their business at this time rather choose less access to some projects, the development of some new materials," such as now the stars of the PP-R plastic pipe, even if the adjustment of the Price, the market is still recognized, because its quality has been recognized.

Taizhou Plastic Industry Association staff said that before the emergence of raw materials, "collective skyrocketing" situation, and the attendant is the industry again and again "shuffle." He believes that if you do not want to be "shuffle" out of that one, do a good job in the future layout is essential. Enterprises or timely transformation, or more time, take the initiative to increase the new products, new technologies, new technology research and development efforts to tap the added value of the product. Otherwise, the passive response to raw material prices, is likely to make enterprises into the "dead end". "Even if you escaped this time 'shuffle', it's hard to escape," he said.

Many industry insiders also said that can not simply change the raw material as a pricing mechanism, if the enterprises in the modified plastic has a strong technical strength, you can improve the product's flame resistance, strength, impact resistance, toughness and other properties, Improve the value-added products, with bargaining power to flexibly respond to market changes.


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